Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: BarkBox

This past year for Christmas we gifted Gilbert a subscription to BarkBox.  (Yes, we get gifts for our dog. Sometimes they are practical, sometimes they are not!)  What is a BarkBox you ask?  It's a box containing 4-6 dog goodies that gets delivered to your door once a month.  It's always a surprise but typically the box will contain some treats/bones, a toy, and a hygiene type product.  A card is included to tell you more about the products and the companies that make them.  Most often, these items are not found in pet stores and are more of a specialty item that is only sold online.  Boxes are set up for small, medium, or large dogs (small and cute, just right, and big and bold are their terms) .  So, if you have a great dane you aren't getting a bone meant for a Yorkie.  You can purchase subscriptions in one month, three month, and six month  increments; getting the best deal by purchasing six months.  We started out with a 3 month subscription for $23/month (which includes shipping) and figured we would cancel if we (or Gilbert) didn't like it.  

Personally, I enjoy it!  I like knowing that we get a treat replenishment each month!  It's also an opportunity to see what new products are out there.  Some of the products might not be worth purchasing to us, but you never know if you will find something that you love.  For instance, I really liked the Oatmeal Shampoo that came in December's box.  If I wanted to I could visit the company's website or even Bark Box's store and purchase a full size bottle. I liked the subscription enough that I did not cancel (my one complaint...the subscription automatically renews) and Gilbert is getting another three months. I'm pretty sure Gilbert likes it. He sniffs the treats and then takes the toy and runs while I check out the hygiene product!  I recently brought in a similar sized box from Amazon and I'm pretty sure Gilbert thought it was his Bark Box.  He ran into the house and patiently waited as I opened it. Only to be disappointed that it was not for him!

So, if you are in the market to spoil your dog, try out BarkBox.  It's just as much fun for humans as it is for their best friends!  'Like' BarkBox on Facebook and you can get coupon codes for new subscriptions.  

December - Treats, red velvet dog cake mix, oatmeal shampoo, toy
January - treats, treats, spiral bully stick, moist wipes, toy
What's in here?
February - treats, treats, treats, dental chew ring, toy
March - treats, treats, bionic bone, poop bag holder, toy

Ooooh, a stuffed bone!
Don't touch it.  It's mine!
April - Duck treats, liquid vitamin water dish supplement, grooming mitts,
bone stuffed with something dogs love, and a rope toy.

The newest paper used to package all the goodies.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project 52: March

My lack of motivation continued into March.  The weekly assignments were beginning to feel like work and like I was forcing a photo to fit with the theme.  So, I told myself if that weeks photo didn't come to me during the week I wasn't going to force.  Therefore, I missed two weeks!  Oh well, I just don't care.  It's looking like a similar scenario this month, but I'm really hoping the weather improves so I can get outside!

M4H 10/52 Sunlight
10/52 Sunlight
Sunlight was hard to find.  Here it is shining off of an icicle.
M4H 11/52 Wild Card
11/52 Wildcard
This was easy!  Here's a lime growing on my lime tree.
And, that's all folks!  See you next month!