Sunday, July 14, 2013

Favorite Things: Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner with Febreze

I discovered Mr. Clean Disinfecting Bath Cleaner with Febreze about a year ago.  I love that it doesn't smell much like a bathroom cleaner, yet, it smells like the bathroom is clean.  And it works well too!

When I ran out of my first bottle I put it on my list to buy a new one.  The grocery store where I originally bought it did not have it.  The label was there, but for weeks it wasn't in stock.  I checked Target and couldn't find it there either.  I was beginning to think that it was discontinued.  In desperation, I checked Amazon.  They had it, but, the shipping costs were just too high for me to justify purchasing it.  I checked online at other stores to no avail.  It couldn't be true!  I went to the Mr. Clean website to see if they were still making it.  Yes, yes they were.  From there I found out which stores you could find it at; one of them being Kmart.  That same day Mike was headed out to an auto parts store and I told him (seriously, but not too seriously) that he should go to a certain auto parts store which is in the same parking lot as Kmart.  Then he could swing into Kmart and look for my coveted bathroom cleaner!  Being the good husband that he is, he did.  He found the Mr. Clean behind a sign advertising another product, grabbed two bottles, and brought them home to me.  Yay!  Once receiving the cleaner, I immediately cleaned the bathroom!  It has a different name now but I think it's pretty much the same product as far as I can smells just as good!  Look for Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner with Shine Shield with Febreze freshness.


I can't guarantee that using this cleaner will make you WANT to clean your bathroom, but I think you will enjoy the scent.  That is, if you can find it.  I think I may have to put in a note to Mr. Clean to sell it at stores that people actually shop at (sorry Kmart).  If you do see it somewhere else let me know!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Downtown Milwaukee Photowalk Review

A month or two ago, Living Social was offering a deal for a Photowalk in downtown Milwaukee.  It was relatively cheap and sounded like it might be a good way to get me out into new territory to take some photos.  It was a two for one deal.  One of my good friends recently started taking an interest in photography so I thought this would be an opportunity for us both to get out, take pictures, and spend some time together.

Here is the blurb describing the tour:

Walk through downtown Milwaukee while hearing historic commentary and learning photographic tips for taking creative pictures along the way. Wisconsin Avenue, in particular, offers a stunning then-and-now view of downtown Milwaukee and will impress locals and tourists alike with its unique architectural details and captivating history. Our tour concludes at the Milwaukee lakefront, highlighting the dramatic Milwaukee Art Museum architecture and scenic gardens.  
Whether you're a novice, a professional photographer, or just interested in history, you'll enjoy this tour!    
Family-friendly (free for children 8 and younger; discounted rate for children 9 - 15) and fun for all, this guided walking tour is focused on teaching guests to take more creative photos while learning about Milwaukee's history. Your tour guide will escort the group along the route, giving tips on photography composition and historical background on the sights along the way. Each attendee will receive a map highlighting some of our favorite photo opportunities on the route, along with recommended tips and techniques. Although we don't focus on food with this tour, we do make a stop for some chocolate along the way! 
Discover the stunning beauty of downtown Milwaukee with your camera in your hand! Photo opportunities include:  

  • Historic Third Ward
  • Milwaukee Public Market
  • Scenic RiverWalk
  • Picturesque Wisconsin Avenue
  • Milwaukee Art Museum and lakefront
  • Much more!

Tour Length – Slightly more than one mile of walking; our Milwaukee Photo Walk route is not wheelchair accessible.
Time Commitment – Approximately 2 hours, depending on the pace of the group 

Though I found the tour informative and interesting in an historic sense (I did learn a few things about the city I've lived my whole life in), I can't say it taught me anything about photography.  The guide pointed out some things to take photos of in the beginning, but I felt it was mostly an historic walking tour with time allotted to take pictures. I will admit that the map we were given went over some photography tips, but I didn't really look at that until after the tour.  I was already carrying enough and felt that some of those things should have been verbally covered. I guess I can keep it for future reference.  

I don't think it wasn't worth my time though.  It was nice to really be able to look at and inside of buildings.  So often you walk around downtown and are more concerned about where you are going than about the details of old buildings.  And I've never known what was inside some of the buildings!  It was also enjoyable to walk around with a group of people who were all interested in photography; I wasn't always the one lagging behind because I was busy taking pictures (or because I was pregnant!) and didn't draw too much attention while taking photos (I sometimes avoid photography in certain places because I worry about what people think of me, but when there is a group of 15 I look like everyone else!).  It also gave me a good excuse to enjoy lunch with my friend afterwards!  My one big gripe was that the description did not mention that it was not a round trip tour.  So, though you allot 2 hours for the tour, it takes another 15-20 minutes to walk back to your vehicle....while you stress out about possibly having a parking ticket because you were parked in a two hour parking spot (we did not!).

Here's a sampling of some of the photos I took:

We took time to notice details on buildings

Here we are shooting away!

We were able to go inside some buildings too

Spent a little time along the riverwalk

Milwaukee Public Market

Ornate buildings you hardly notice when driving or walking by


Hilton Garden Center

This is Milwaukee!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favorite Things: Candy Crush Saga

I blame my boss for my most recent game addiction.  I heard her and another coworker talking about the game I kept seeing my Facebook friends playing.  I figured if so many people were playing it, it had to be good.  Plus, it's always a good idea to get on your boss' good side and share their interests, right?

I'd do a terrible job describing the game so here is the blurb from the game makers themselves:


Welcome to the Candy Shop! Which one is your favorite? Crush candy to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.


  1. Create rows or columns with three candies of the same color to remove them.
  2. Make special combinations with 4 or 5 candies to create special sweets.
  3. Combine the special sweets to create spectacular effects that will crush even more candy!
The game itself is free, but you need to purchase admittance to advanced levels.  Or get your Facebook friends to help you.  Somehow, Mike can unlock new levels by playing special boards, but he can only try once in a 24 hour period.  I find it strange that different people get different options regarding this.  Nevertheless, they have sucked me in and I pay $0.99 to unlock the next board!  I figure, it's $0.99 for a good week or two of entertainment.  It's cheaper than a two hour movie, that's for sure!  The one nice thing about the game is that you are given 5 lives.  Once they are used up you have to wait a certain time period to earn more lives.  So, you aren't left looking at the clock thinking, "Where did the last 3 hours of my life go?"!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite Things: Maternity Pants

It took me some time to take the plunge into maternity wear.  I was holding on to my normal clothes past the point of being able to button them!  I have no idea why.  Maternity pants are 'da bomb! When can you purchase a pair of jeans online, in a brand you have never tried on before, and find that they fit perfectly?  When you are pregnant!  When can you buy the first pair of skinny jeans you try on?  When you are pregnant!  When can you eat a big meal and not feel like your pants are telling you, 'you shouldn't have done that.'  When you are pregnant!  Omigod.  I'm wearing these things to Thanksgiving dinner!  Using the bathroom?  Super buttons or zippers to mess around with.  Seriously, who invented the button and zipper?  All pants should be made like this.  I know, in a few months I will be so over the maternity wear, but for now, I'm enjoying it!  And please, let me know if I forget to zip my pants once I'm back into zippered jeans!

Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings