Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite Things - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I think I'm in love with a bald man with a gold earring.  No, Mike didn't shave his head and get his ear pierced.  I'm talking about Mr. Clean.  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to be exact.  We have white baseboards (and doors and cabinets) and they show every scuff mark known to man.  I've tried scrubbing the marks off with various tools and cleaners and nothing seems to help but three coats of paint.  I recently read that the Magic Eraser was a good tool to get those scuff marks off and they weren't lying! It worked on various scuff marks on the baseboards, walls, doors, and the painted paneling.  It took off some colored marks (I really have no idea where the orange crayon looking stuff came from) on the walls.  Much to my surprise it took off a clear drip stain on the kitchen cabinet that I've been working on for years!  It even took off a little bit of my shellac nail polish (I was using the eraser quite a bit and my manicure is already two weeks old so it wasn't a big surprise. Just make sure to wear gloves if you're concerned.)  I can't believe this product has been around since 2003 and no one has told me of it's amazing capabilities!  My only complaint?  I wish I had bought the economy pack!

     Before: 2" scuff mark on baseboard

       After: 4 seconds and it's gone!

Now excuse me, I must hunt down more scuffs and gunk in my house!

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  1. Oh, yes...I've been a big fan of the Magic Eraser for years - in both the classroom and here at home. Our white woodwork gets pretty scuffed up, so I tend to use the eraser most on the woodwork. At school, it removes permanent marker from laminated materials so that I can reuse the materials from year to year.