Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project MCP - March

At the beginning of the year I decided to participate in MCP Project 12.  You can find many of these type of photography challenges on the internet .  Some are Project 52, some are 365.  Basically, you take a picture every day, week, or month.  Some projects have themes to test your creativity while others are just a challenge to get out and take pictures.  I chose one that had a theme/assignment to test myself a bit.  I also chose a 12 month project because it seemed easier to commit to.  I knew I had the time to take 12 decent pictures a year.  For some reason or another the particular project I chose changed in March.  I guess participants who previously participated didn't like that photos were no longer shared on a Flickr group.  And I guess some people wanted more of a challenge.  In the month of March the project was revamped.  The photos are now shared on a Flickr group.  I do like that better than sharing them on individual websites.  It allows others to comment more easily which I think is helpful.  The project now also has four themes per month instead of one.  You don't HAVE to submit photos for all themes (or any for that matter) if you don't want to.  There are so many people involved know one would know.  So, without really wanting to, I'm now a part of a Project 52.  Well, Project 44 since January and February were just one picture per month.  At the end of each week the MCP blog features a few of the photos from that weeks theme.  I was pretty excited when I saw that my 'Guess What?' photo was featured this week!  Can you guess what it is?  At the end of each month I will try and share the photos I submitted on the blog. 

March Week 1:  Take a photo from a high vantage point

I took this while standing on the seating on our deck while Gilbert sat below.  I actually just held the camera out and snapped the photo (while bribing him with treats).  I got a lot of comments from people liking the crop.  Funny thing is, I didn't crop it! 
March Week 2:  Using natural light

I would say that most pictures I take are natural light photos.  I hate using the flash; whether on camera or my external speedlite flash.  I only use the flash indoors or at night.  I even avoid taking photos at night because I hate the flash!  This is a photo of our Christmas cactus sitting on the kitchen table in the middle of the day - the only time we get much sun inside the house in the winter.

March Week 3 - Demonstrate the word 'transition'

This is a daffodil transitioning from closed to open while the sun is transitioning from day to night.

March Week 4:  Guess What?  Take an up close photo...close enough that the subject is abstract.

This was hard to do since I always KNEW what the photo was!

You can see this photo featured on the MCP blog here:



  1. Hmm...That's a tough one! My guess would be a dog toy, but knowing Gilbert, he wouldn't have left many of his toys looking that pristine. A hairbrush?

    When I was little, I would get a magazine that featured photographs like this one on the back. I used to love guessing what the pictures showed!

  2. Project MCP sounds like fun. I like the photos you've posted and cannot figure out the "guess" one. Perhaps some type of cleaning device? I'll check in occasionally on the MCP site - maybe once I've taken a few photography workshops I'll attempt to join something like this.