Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Favorite Things – Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Does it seem like weeds sprout from your garden only days after your last weeding?  That’s how I felt, until I bought Preen Garden Weed Preventer.  Preen is advertised to keep weeds at bay for up to three months.  Three months!  I was so sick of trying to weed all of our flower gardens and trying to keep that viney creeping Charlie at bay that I decided to give it a shot.  Now, first things first; Preen is not a weed killer.  If you already have weeds in your garden it’s not going to kill those.  You need to get down and dirty and pull those babies out yourself.  Once all the weeds are gone you can sprinkle the Preen granules one top of the mulch and then rake them into the mulch or give them a quick shower with the hose.  I like to apply it before it rains.  ‘Cause I’m lazy like that.  I applied Preen in May of last year and didn’t notice an increase in weeds until August (at which time I chose not to reapply because it seemed too late in the season to waste money on weed killing).  It’s not a miracle drug for gardens though.  I still saw weeds in June and July; just not nearly as many as usual (c’mon, don’t be THAT lazy!  Gardening IS a good workout you know.).  I have already applied Preen to all of our mulched beds this spring.  That March heat wave didn’t just cause the flowers to bloom early.  I did this in early April and I’m expecting to have to reapply in June/July.  Preen makes lawn weed control and organic vegetable garden versions too. 

Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Being only semi-environmentally conscious, I have never bothered to look at the chemicals in this product.  I know I should care about the Earth and the potential for contaminating ground water sources and all that hooha.  But.  I don’t.  I recycle and I don’t flush over the counter drugs.  That’s how I save the Earth and that’s good enough for me. If you do care, go and read the fine print and decide for yourself.  I do make sure that the granules have been well soaked and wait a few days before letting the dog munch on the mulch.  So far, he’s still alive and hasn't grown a third ear on his butt or anything crazy like that!

As with most weed preventers, this stuff isn’t cheap.  But, I think it’s worth it.  Both times I’ve purchased it I got it on sale for about half off.  This year I bought a 13lb bag for $10 (normally $20) at Stein’s.  That took care of all of our mulched beds (we have many, including a large circular butterfly garden) and we still have almost half a bag left.  It’s a great deal for not having to spend the hot and humid summer on my knees pulling out dandelions and creeping Charlie.  I’d much rather sit on my deck with a margarita while something else does the work for me.  ‘Cause, I’m lazy like that.

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