Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mint Update

After using the Mint automatic floor sweeper (aka Max in our house) for a few weeks I am happy to report that he has met my expectations and been worth the money.  Here are some observations and tips on my experiences in case anyone thinks they may be in the market for this handy device:

  • Our house is approximately 1200 square feet of all laminate flooring.  I use Max about twice a week.  We have one dog that sheds and rarely have dog hair tumble weeds floating around the house anymore.
  • I purchased the 2 hour turbo charger (otherwise it’s a 4 hour charge).  The 2 hour charge isn’t exactly necessary, but if you want to sweep and mop soon after the 2 hour charge it is nice to have.  I can sweep the whole house and mop a room or two on one charge.
  • I’ve found that Max runs more efficiently if you confine him to certain rooms (close doors, block off exits).  Our main rooms are all in one big circle and he seems to just roam around aimlessly if you don’t contain him.  If he’s left for long enough I’m sure he gets everything clean, but I can’t stand to watch him be so inefficient.
  • Because of the above, it’s best to deploy it while you are home.  It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete a small sized bedroom and then you need to move it to the next room.
  • Mint sells additional microfiber towels but I purchased some other towels that were much cheaper.  They work just fine.  I would recommend getting extra towels if you plan on using it more than once a week and your house is all hard surfaced floors.  This way you can use up a bunch of towels and then wash them every two weeks or so.
  • I was unsure of the mopping capabilities at first, but am quite impressed with it now.  For everyday dirt it works wonderfully with minimal streaking.  I mostly just use water but have also tried a water/vinegar mix.  However, after a few weeks I think the floor could use a Swiffer mop to look it's best and tackle the stubborn spots.
  • Max cleans under the furniture that he can physically fit under (one bed, dressers, tables, chairs, microwave cart).  I don’t typically vacuum under some of these pieces on a regular basis so it’s a nice bonus to know that there are rarely any dust bunnies under the bed.
  • We still have to pull out the vacuum to get under the couches and to vacuum the various rugs.  I do this once a week and it takes less then 10 minutes.
  • The dog isn’t fazed at all by Max.  Well, I think he gets more annoyed with him because Max forces him to get his lazy butt off the ground!
  • Max rarely gets ‘lost’.  I have had to retrieve him once or twice from locations where he couldn’t find his way out of.  This was more of an issue before we started confining him to one room at a time.
  • Since purchasing Max I have now had time to clean such things like the ceiling fans/fixtures and spot paint the bedroom doors and the trim in hallway.  Once all that piddly stuff is complete I can just sit on my butt and watch tv!

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