Monday, June 4, 2012

Project MCP - May

I wasn’t too excited about this month’s Project MCP themes and I knew they would be more of a challenge for me than past months.  However, I really wanted to submit them because for each submission I was entered into a drawing to win a lens!  The first week’s theme was a total bust.  I didn’t submit anything for ‘Neighborhood’!  The following week we had to submit a photo showing sun flare.  I had a hard time trying to do this purposely.  I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t.  The third week the theme was ‘Friends’.  I could have easily gone the route of taking a picture of Gilbert and Mike but figured I shouldn’t since more than likely Gilbert would be my subject for the following week.  Instead, I chose a picture I happened to take of my niece and nephew.  The photo is definitely not award winning, but it’s cute.  And I’m happy that they both cooperated with me to take it.  During week four we had to take a picture showing motion blur.  I knew I could get this with Gilbert running around the yard.  However, I was on my own with no help (try juggling a ball, treats, AND the camera!).  I wasn’t particularly happy with the outcome but was rushed to submit something before my vacation.  Upon coming home from my vacation I decided to submit another photo for the motion blur theme; one I took at Sea World.  And low and behold, this one got featured on the Project MCP blog!  There was a fifth ‘bonus’ week this month and the assignment was to show the first shot (I took this to mean no test shots and no editing).  Again, I chose a photo from my trip to San Antonio.  Though I like the photo as is, I think a little editing helps make it better.  It turns out that I didn’t win the lens, but having a photo featured on the blog is pretty cool nonetheless!  I’m excited about June’s assignments; I already have some ideas and I think this month will be less hectic around the house, opening up more time for photography.

May Week 2:  Sun Flare
This didn't turn out as dark when I edited it but for some reason it is appearing darker on the internet.

May Week 3:  Nephew and Niece
I particularly like her missing tooth and the scar on his forehead from recent stitches.
May Week 4:  Motion Blur #1
Gilbert and his ball...that he only retrieves for treats.
May Week 4:  Motion Blur #2
Shamu at Sea World San Antonio

May Week 5:  One Click
Peaches at the Farmer's Market at Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

The edited version of the above photo
Which one do you like better?

*Click on the photos if you'd like to see them larger*


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