Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorite Things: Fab Feet Shoe Cushions

For years I have been using products by Fab Feet, Foot Petals, and sometimes Dr. Scholls for Her.  These companies make various cushions and inserts for shoes that don’t fit quite right or pinch or rub.  I first bought a package of ‘strappy strips’ for a pair of flip flops I purchased to wear on my wedding day.  The shoes fit perfectly when I tried them on in the store, however when I wore them around the house a bit I realized that the strap was a tad bit uncomfortable.  I didn’t want a pair of shoes to ruin my wedding day (and I was determined to wear said shoes) so I found these little stick on cushions that would help to prevent the straps from rubbing.  They were the perfect solution!  In fact, I carry the remaining strips in my travel toiletry bag so that I have them just in case a new pair of ‘vacation’ shoes gives me problems.  

The product that I really love and use the most is the back of the heel cushions.  Virtually all of my high heeled shoes have these additions.  I know people think that maybe I should just get the right size shoe, however, if I purchased a size 6 my poor little toes would be scrunched up.  The 6 ½ always fits fine….until I try and walk at a quicker pace.  That’s when my feet start to slip out of the back of the shoe.  Placing these stick ons inside eliminates that problem.  I also find that they help me wear those new low profile ballet type flats easier (again, my feet tend to slip out of those shoes since there is so little shoe to grip to the foot…and a smaller size isn’t an option). 

In addition to these I have used a few other items as well:  Ball of the foot heel cushions which are good for higher heels.  Padded insoles for shoes with little cushion.  I like these for work shoes that I stand in all day, especially when the original sole has lost its cushion.  Ball of the foot/flip flop thong wrap around thingy (that I can’t find on either website) to cushion between the toes when wearing a flip flop with a heel.  It worked in a pinch, but they did slip around some.    If you have a pair of shoes that just aren’t fitting right I suggest you try out one of these awesome shoe add-ons before you send them off to Goodwill.  Depending on the product they will set you back about $5-6.  Well worth it for the lack of blisters or not falling on my face because I walked out of my shoe, in my opinion!  You can find these products almost anywhere (I get them from the grocery store sometimes!) but places with actual shoe departments (Target) will have the most selection. 

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