Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project MCP - October

Once the October challenges were posted, I was really excited to start.  I knew some would be a little difficult or at least hard to submit by the weekly deadline though (only two were submitted on time).  As always, I found October to be an interesting month for photography.  The change in seasons is a welcome change from the same old same old of summer!

Project MCP / October / Shadow
October Week 1 – Shadow
This was a fun one.  I love shadows!  I always notice them when I’m walking the dog or running and wish I had a camera with me.  Of course, it’s hard to take a photo of your shadow when you are the one holding the camera!  I managed pretty well with this one of Gilbert and I. 

Project MCP / October / Cozy

October Week 2 – Cozy
Initially I had wanted to submit a picture of Mike and Gilbert lounging on the couch.  Gilbert loves to lay with Mike.  However, I couldn’t manage to do that without Mike knowing and therefore Mike didn’t really look that cozy.  I opted for this one….Gilbert curled up in his spot on the couch (go figure, the dog gets the biggest piece of furniture for himself usually).  Some days I wish I didn’t have a black dog.  They are so hard to photograph….especially against a dark brown couch!

Project MCP / October / Fall Leaves
October Week 3 – Leaves
I’m not sure why but I didn’t particularly like most of my leaf pictures.  I think I’ve taken better ones in the past.  I’m sure all my neighbors thought I was a weirdo when I was collecting pretty leaves on my walks with Gilbert!  But, I had to get them elsewhere because all of our maple leaves have that black spot fungus and oak leaves are a boring brown.  So, here's a close-up of a maple leaf that I stole from someone else's yard!
Project MCP / October / Fall Activity
October Week 4 – Favorite Fall Activity
Personally, I don’t really have a favorite fall activity.  We don’t really do all that much fall related since Mike is usually busy cleaning up all the leaves that fall from our trees.  That pretty much takes up most of our weekends in fall.  I did visit my friend, Deanna, in Kentucky this month and we visited a pumpkin farm with her two girls.  So, I can’t say it’s my favorite activity, but, it’s a good fall activity!

Project MCP / October / Scary
October Week 5 – Scary
What’s spookier than a jack-o-lantern?  Ok, a lot of things.  Especially when they aren’t even real jack-o-lanterns!  But, this will have to suffice.  I like how the mouth of the left pumpkin sort of looks like candy corn.
November’s challenges have been posted and I'm not really looking forward to them.  We'll see what I can come up with for turkey month!

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  1. Ooh! I like the "Scary" picture the best! Are those from Target?!?