Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorite Things: and Amazon Wishlists

It's Christmastime.  Time to buy gifts for loved ones and, if you're lucky, recieve gifts from loved ones.  I can't tell you how easy Amazon had made Christmas for me!  No more asking people what they want.  Or having to write out a list for Santa (yes, Santa even uses Amazon!).  Amazon has everything your heart could possibly desire!  Plus, their prices are competitive, you can often get free shipping, you don't pay taxes, checkout is a breeze, and returns (what few I've made) were a snap.  We've bought many things from Amazon; $2 cell phone accessories, kitchen goods, pet medicine, an SLR camera (and many accessories), and a 60" flat screen TV!

I discovered the beauty of Amazon Wishlists years ago.  I not only use my list as a Christmas gift list, but as a reminder list for myself.  If I think of something that I want/need but am not ready to purchase it right at that moment I will just add it to my Wishlist.  A few years back they even added a Universal Wishlist button that you can install so that you can add items from other websites.  Whoa!  That changed my life!  I also discovered that you can create multiple Wishlists.  I currently have a public list and a private list.  The public list contains anything that I really want and wouldn't mind receiving as gifts.  The private lists contains more expensive items that I know I will never receive as gifts or items I'm still thinking about.  Or just things that I really don't want someone to buy for me; like underwear!  (that's just an example!)  Many people create additional list for their kids or spouses who don't use computers.

I love that virtually all of my family has Wishlists.  I'm a practical gift buyer.  I don't want to waste my money and get you something you may or may not use or don't really want.  I like to think that I know my family well enough to just go to the store and find something for them, but the truth is, I can't read minds.  I'm not at your house often enough to know if you have this or that.  The Wishlists have really helped take the stress out of Christmas (and birthdays).  Some people think this takes the surprise out of gift giving.  However, I don't know what you purchased for me from my Wishlist and am always surprised when I open it!  The other nice thing about Amazon Wishlists is that you don't have to purchase from Amazon to delete it off of someones list.  If you found a better deal somewhere else you can go to the Wishlist and click the 'Bought this somewhere else' button so that the person doesn't end up with duplicate gifts.

On top of Amazon's regular every day awesomeness, they have other programs to make your shopping experience even more outstanding.  Amazon Prime, Subscribe and Save, and Amazon Moms are a few that I know of off hand.  I don't use any of these programs personally, but I've heard good things about Subscribe and Save and have been contemplating it for some time (it would be awesome to get 50lb bags of dog food delivered to my door every month!).

So, if you haven't tried Amazon yet, crawl out from under your rock!  It really is the best.  Along with a few other online shopping sites, I think I can avoid setting foot in a store this year!


  1. I joined Amazon Mom and use Subscribe and Save for diapers, wipes, and baby food! It's great!

    This year was the first that we have created an Amazon wish list and have encouraged family members to use it as well. It has made Christmas shopping much easier than normal!

  2. We use it too, on my side of the family, and it works great IF your people update their lists! I purchased something on by bros list only to have him post on his blog like a day later that no one should go by any of his lists, Amazon or anything becaused nothing is updated! What the??? Oh, well. He can return it, right? I do agree with the Universal Wish List Button. That is a very nice function!

  3. Earlier this year I signed up for the Amazon credit card. It's awesome. 3 points for buying on Amazon, 5 points from Amazon Local (like Groupon and Living Social), 2 poin for gas & groceries and 1 point for everything else. Point can be transferred to cash, credit on your statement, travel points, or to shop with on Amazon (although if makes more sense to use the cc on Amazon and get the extra points). There is also no limit on the number of points you can earn.