Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chris gets Crafty: Purple Martin Birdhouse

Every year for Christmas for the past few years my mom has given us all some type of crafty challenge.  One year we had to make a gingerbread/Christmas house out of a supplied foam craft kit.  Another year we had to make homemade ornament.  This year we had to build a birdhouse.

I was telling a coworker about this years challenge and she mentioned a birdhouse that her father made out of an item found at certain grocery stores.  She said she could acquire this product for me as I was not able to find one at the stores I frequent.  Weeks went by and I kept reminding her, but she never produced the item.  With a little more than a week before Christmas I had to come up with another plan.  (I won't be sharing my original idea in case we have this challenge again!)

I had already been considering purchasing a gourd from Amish Gourds and decided to go back to that plan.  I had also read up on birdhouses and how certain birds like certain sized entry holes that are a certain height from the floor, etc.  I then discovered that this site had kits available for making a birdhouse for a purple martin.  Even though I've never seen one of these birds in my yard I thought I would follow the instructions and hope that maybe I could attract some!

I had thought that my husband would have the necessary tools to complete the project, but I was mistaken.  After a trip to the hardware store and a large chunk of change (for a birdhouse) taken from my wallet I was all set to start the job.  I did need some help with operating the tools and devices but I mostly managed to complete the project on my own.  I think for my next craft, I shouldn't go so far above my head so that I can finish it on my own!

Using a 4.5" hole saw to saw out the entrance and clean out holes

Inside of the gourd

Still sawing

Finished with the holes

Caulking the entrance and clean out cylinders with
 premium polyurethane construction adhesive (PPCA)
Notice the nice smooth line

Though I'm not a fan, I guess these birds like white houses.
 So, I completed it by painting it with the same paint my kitchen cabinets are painted!

Once at my parent's house we had to present our birdhouse and then we all voted on which one we thought was the best based on design, function, and looks.  In the first round of voting it was a tie between myself and my brother/niece's house.  In the end I came in second.  Not too bad!  However, being that I'm the only one with a yard with trees I now have to hang all the birdhouses in my yard.  I'm pretty sure a few will fall apart after the first rainstorm!

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  1. Wow - all those bird houses in your yard. I hope you get a chance to click the birds as they move in! Nice job on yours.