Monday, January 14, 2013

Neilsen Ratings

In the beginning of December the Nielsen people contacted us asking if we would be willing to be a part of their Nielsen ratings survey.  Being the avid TV watchers we are we decided, why not?  The five one dollar bills they promised us were all the incentive we needed! 

Our package, including our diaries (and cash!), arrived a few days before our week of logging began.  We were a bit disappointed that our week was during many of our favorite shows hiatuses, but we still managed to watch many of the other shows that we like to watch.  We were also able to log any shows that we watched on our DVR.  At times I felt like we HAD to watch TV and tried to watch all of our shows during that week.  Other times, knowing that I had to log even snippets of shows, I avoided turning the TV on at all.  I was also slightly embarrassed to log our usual Saturday morning shows, 'Born to Explore' and 'Sea Rescue', considering there is no one under the age of 12 (or even twice that age!) living in our household!  Overall, it was very easy, unobtrusive task. Though, come to think of it, Mike did most of the logging (and more of the TV watching in general) so it didn't really affect me much at all!  I'd like to think that our participation will keep many of the shows we watch on the air for a long time.  I can see 'Born to Explore' being a Saturday morning staple for the next 15 years...all because of me!

Mike sealing up our diary

Ready for Nielsen to add our TV viewing to their statistics

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