Friday, January 31, 2014

Projects 52 - January

I'm pretty happy with my participation so far in the three (THREE!) project 52's that I joined this year.  I successfully submitted photos each week for two of them.  The third I'm thinking might not last much longer.  It's a Facebook only project and I just don't care for that format for sharing photos or commenting on others photos. 

The project I'm enjoying the most is for mom's who want to document their children's lives.  That's just plain easy for me since I'm always taking pictures of Ben.  For the other project I try to attempt to take a photo that is not of Ben....but that doesn't always happen.

So, here are me submissions this month!

Facebook Group:
FB - Snow/outdoors
Ice 'growing' on our windows

FB - Self Portrait
Taken with my remote shutter release and tripod
My 4 Hens Group:

M4H - Reflection

M4H - Imperfection
Throw pillow that has been losing it's beading and sequence for a long time.

M4H - Inside
Inside of a lime

M4H - Joy
Baby eyelashes, noses, lips, and hands bring joy to so many.  Quiet, sleeping babies bring joy to everyone!

M4H - Noise
Twisted Sister and a grainy (noisy) photo
Live, Snap, Love Group:

LSL - Child in Bedroom
Ben watching his mobile in his crib

LSL - Something that reminds you of your child at this particular age
His hands won't be this tiny forever

LSL - Child and his favorite book
I'm not sure if it's his favorite book, but it's the only book he has the attention span for!

LSL - Child unaware that you are photographing them
I think Ben is mostly unaware still!  But I tried to imply he was even more unaware by stepping behind/to the side of him.

LSL - Photo of child and spouse


  1. Cool! I really like the picture of the ice growing on the windows...but I don't miss the cold/snow!

  2. Keep it coming! I love seeing them. :)