Saturday, March 29, 2014

Projects 52 - March

I managed to submit a photo for each week this month.  However, for some, the photo didn't match the theme!  For others, I couldn't decide on a photo and had two or three that fit.  I honestly can't remember if I just submitted one or if I submitted all of them!  The themes really are challenging some weeks - especially for the child related group.  My child is very limited still and can't do a lot.  Also, on weekdays, I'm limited to about 30-60 minutes of free time with him (when he's not eating, sleeping, or bathing) and that time usually coincides with darkness.  I haven't used my flash in ages.  It's challenging, but I think I'm managing okay! Honestly, most of my submissions are taken on Saturday or Sunday mornings when we get some pretty good light in the house.  Light I never knew existed until I was forced to wake early and hang out and play on the floor!

LSL Submissions 

10/52 Enjoying a special treat
Ben can't really eat treats yet.  But, here he is enjoying a 'raspberry' from daddy.

11/52 Close-up
I feel like all of my photos are close ups these days.  That will change once Ben becomes more mobile and I'm chasing after him!

12/52 Take a photo of your child playing outside in the yard
Yeah right!  Not with this cold/snow/muddy backyard.  This theme made me very jealous of all the others who submitted photos of their kids playing outside with no coats on.  Since it wasn't possible for me to get Ben outside to play, I just submitted this random shot of him playing 'outside' his play mat/blanket!

13/52 Clothes
I just thought this outfit was funny/fitting for the theme.

13/52 Clothing
Monkey foot!

M4H Submissions

10/52 Soft
This rug feels very soft!

10/52 Soft
A soft place to lay your head.

10/52 Soft
I added this one after the fact I think.  When I edited it I realized it had a very soft look to it.

11/52 Patterns
I went the animal pattern route with this one.  This is one of Ben's toys.

12/52 Blue
A blue vase - with the morning sun shining in.  Funny background story for this one.  Ben had gone down for his morning nap already so I quickly took the chance to take some pictures not of him.  When Mike woke up, I was in the dining room, standing on a chair wearing a robe and gnome pajama pants taking pictures.  He didn't say a word.  That's just life with me!

13/52 Vast
The world!

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  1. You are so funny...gnome pj's are the perfect outfit for inspiring photos! I've been seen standing on my front porch or driveway in my pj's & robe taking pictures early in the a.m. Your photos of Ben are really, really great. I also like the non-baby ones; especially the globe.