Monday, April 7, 2014

Half a Year

How quickly six months fly by!  At this time last year we were just beginning to tell people of our upcoming addition.  And now, just like that, he's six months old!  It's amazing how much has changed for both him and for us in those six months.  For the first few months we thought, 'what did we get ourselves into?'  Now, we've gotten into a groove and have started to enjoy watching Ben's personality make an appearance.  We laugh a lot more than we cry these days!  And as much as I couldn't wait for those first few months to pass by quicker, I now look at old clothes and wish he was still that little!  With that, here's what's up with our not so little man at six months.

Weight at 6 months 2 weeks: 18lbs 2oz (55th percentile)
Length at 6 months 2 weeks: 29.5 inches (99th percentile; I'm pretty sure this is the child I gave birth to. He's already half my height!)
Head Circumference at 6 months 2 weeks: 17.32 inches (62nd percentile)
Has been sleeping at least ten hours a night since the start of the year; he usually sleeps from 7:30/8pm-6:30/7am.
Eating rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and banana
Rolling both ways
Can sit up on his own briefly (like, five seconds!)
Has two bottom teeth
Sucks his thumb when tired or when falling asleep
Enjoys kicking his feet HARD on the ground
Likes bath time and 'swimming' and splashing in the tub
Always smiles when he sees Scout the puppy and the creepy Glo-worm
Likes to play with his rings
Likes to play Superman and get tossed in the air
Has started to notice and watch Gilbert
Is the only model that can't run away from mommy's camera

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