Monday, April 28, 2014

Projects 52 - April

Month four of Projects 52 is in the books.  I'm happy that I have made it this far (farther than last year) but I'm not all that excited about the photos I have taken this month.  I found myself struggling to get a photo to fit each theme in the time allotted.  Often times, I would just pull up a random photo that I had taken that week that happened to fit the theme.  More often then not, it was just a snapshot I had taken without much thought in the composition or lighting.  I may have to start scaling back and not trying to just get a picture each week and focusing on one project or theme that interests me.  I don't know....I'm hitting a lull.

Maybe it's the weather...will it warm up already?!!!

I'm also struggling with the lack of comments from both projects.  Not just on my photos but on other participants photos.  There just doesn't seem to be much activity and really, without comments and constructive criticism, what's the point.  Of course, I'm to blame as well.  Commenting on others stuff is time consuming.  I'll admit that I don't comment nearly as much as I should.  The thing is, if I take the effort to comment on others photos that doesn't mean I'm going to get any constructive criticism back.  So, why waste my time?  Hmmmm.   First world problems, I know.  We'll see how the month of May pans out.....

Until then, enjoy the snapshots from this month.

LSL 14/52 A photo of child without them there
The mess he leaves behind

LSL 15/52 Bathtime

16/52 Favorite Toy
His feet

LSL 17/52 Non-smiling photo
His look of concentration

M4H 14/52 Radiate
M4H 15/52 White

M4H 16/52 Mine
My dad and my son

M4H 17/52 Pastel


  1. Hang in there...I've had slumps like that, too. Themes are tough; I don't do well with them. I'm sure that you'll pick up your camera more often once the weather warms up a bit and you can get outside!

  2. All great photos! Stick with the themes if possible. One of the weekly assignments I participate in has added a "like" button. I get so excited when my photo gets a "like"! The other weekly assignment I'm in gets a lot of comments and I do enjoy reading them, especially when they offer suggestions on how to improve.