Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project MCP - April

As promised, here are my April submissions for Project MCP.  The themes for May will be a bit challenging; I might have to ask for some help from my friends!

April Week 1: Showers/Wet

We finally got some afternoon rain mid-month and I got this shot of one of our many tulips in the yard. 

April Week 2: Shallow Depth of Field

DOF refers to what is in focus.  Shallow DOF means that only a small part of the subject is in focus.  I asked for Gilberts help with this one.  Nice nose, eh?

April Week 3: Blooming

This one was easy; we have tons of flowers blooming right now!  I just had to narrow it down.  I like that you could see the pollen on this tulip.

April Week 4: Get low

I took this photo lying on the ground in my living room.  It's the ceiling fan in motion.  I gave it a vintage process because I didn't really care for the true colors and thought this one looked cool.

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  1. Love the look of your blog and I, too, am in the MCP challenge group. Will be following...Thank you!