Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweep Me off My Feet

One chore that I hate more than anything is vacuuming and mopping.  However, it’s the one thing that I feel really HAS to be done in our house.  With a dog that sheds year round and laminate floors throughout, there are always black tumbleweeds rolling around the house.  Not to mention, muddy paw prints, drool, dirt/leaves/pine needles andr whatever else can be tracked in from outside.  And that’s just from the dog.  Every Saturday I spend at least an hour or two vacuuming and then wet swiffering the floors.  I attempt to vacuum once during the week as well.  I try and look past chore and think about the workout I’m getting, but I still despise this weekly task.  So much so that I try and tell Gilbert that he needs start earning his keep and do some chores while we’re at work.  For some reason, that never works.

I had looked into the Roomba before but had a feeling that it wouldn’t be able to keep up with a hairy floor.  I was sure that it would get clogged as my regular vacuum does.  But one day I caught the tail end of a commercial for Mint.  Mint is an automatic floor sweeper and mop.  It uses washable microfiber cloths to sweep dirt and hair and wet mop your floors…..all while you do something else (like watch it!).  Mint got great reviews; especially from those who had a house full of laminate/hardwood floors and pets.  As the Mint website says, "Clean floors to your heart’s content without lifting a finger."  Sounds like my sort of thing!

So, after some consideration, that’s what I decided to purchase with my birthday money this year.  I thought about not getting it (Do I really NEED it?  Wouldn’t I rather use my money for a fun camera accessory?), but ultimately I decided that even if I didn’t need it, I wanted it!  It was my birthday money and I could buy whatever I wanted with it.  I thought that it would at least free up a little time so that I can play with all the camera accessories that I already have!  I don’t expect Max (yes, I named it) to completely take over my floor cleaning duties.  I’m sure I will have to pull out the vacuum and hand mop every once in awhile, but I think he will make the chore less of a chore for me if he does his job every day or so.  We’ll see.  In a few weeks I will give an update as to how Max is fitting in!

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  1. Hmmm...I wonder if Mint works on wood floors, too?!? I might have to check into my own Max!