Saturday, September 14, 2013

Favorite Things: Biscoff Cookies

If you've ever flown on Delta Airlines you've probably enjoyed the Biscoff cookies they hand out in flight.  If not, they are crispy cinnamon cookies that seem to melt in your mouth.  They are perfect anytime of day.

After a flight I was discussing them with a friend who informed me that you can actually purchase these cookies online; she had done so for a friend in the past.  So, I went to trusty 'ole Amazon and put a large package on my Wishlist.  It was around Christmastime and my mom had noticed them on my list.  She informed me that you can buy those darn things at Walgreens!  And here I thought I needed to buy an airline ticket!  I've never actually purchased them myself as my mom always sneaks them in with other gifts for me, so I don't even know how much they cost.  I do know they come in individual little packages that are perfect for snacking or packing in your lunch bag.

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