Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Things: Maternity Support Belt and a Recliner

At some point in the beginning of my third trimester I tweaked something in my back (while turning over in bed, nonetheless!).  I've hurt my back before but this was really bad.  I think my front heavy proportions were causing greater strain and I was beginning to think I might not heal until I gave birth!  I had looked into maternity support belts for running but gave up on the idea when I decided to stop running.  Luckily, I was aware of them and knew that one could help with back pain so I went out within a day or two of the 'injury' and purchased one.  It really did help out during the day.  I felt like it helped to support the weight of my baby bump and take some of the pressure off of my back muscles.  It also kept me from walking/waddling like some sort of strange pregnant hunchback!  My only complaint about it was that it's sort of itchy and most comfortable to wear over the belly panel of maternity pants.  This made going to the bathroom a chore.  I'm sure those in other stalls wondered what all the Velcro peeling going on next to them was!  I still occasionally wear the belt if I'm going to work out and my belly feels extra heavy.  I think it helps lessen the feeling of having to pee every 20 minutes too!

Motherhood Maternity Ultimate Maternity Support Belt

Though the support band helped out during the day, lying in bed didn't help me at all.  I tried wearing the band at night, but it just doesn't help when you are attempting to move positions.  I think sleeping would re-aggravate things.  Just before this happened we bought a small recliner for the nursery.  Mike put it together and I slept in it hoping that being more upright and not flipping from one side to the other might help.  After the first night I felt amazing!  I wasn't walking around like a total gimp for the first two hours of my day anymore!  After the second night my back pain improved tremendously and I felt healed, thanks to that recliner.  However, the sciatic nerve pain I often deal with when I'm not pregnant presented itself immediately after so I resorted to sleeping in the recliner again!  Luckily the sciatic pain only lasted a few days and hasn't returned since.  I owe my healing to that recliner!  It currently resides in the living room and I sit on it all the time.  I think my butt prints are already imprinted on it and the baby isn't even here yet!

Best Chairs Ingall Recliner - this looks a lot like the one we purchased


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