Saturday, September 21, 2013

Past Due

Here I sit, two days past my due date and still pregnant.  I had hoped to make it until my due date mainly so that I had all the preparation time possible.  But now?  It's just a waiting game and I don't like it! I'm sure there will be things I will miss about pregnancy, but now I'm beginning to think of the things I am looking forward to when not pregnant.  All that labor and birth and sleepless nights stuff?  I'm trying to just ignore that!

Things I will miss about pregnancy:

Stretchy pants
Not having to 'suck it in'
Never having 'fat days' (every day is a fat day and it's perfectly acceptable!)
Eating and snacking (though I tried to keep it healthy, I had my share of custard with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce)
Not working out because I have to work out
Excuse to get a pedicure
Quite a few of my maternity shirts and pants (and not just because of the stretchy waistband!)

Things I am looking forward to post pregnancy:

Not having to pee so much
No more achy finger joints, or fingers that get stuck in the bent position
Wearing my wedding ring again
Sleeping on my back/more comfortably
Bending at the waist and just generally being able to move around easier
Putting shoes on easily
Not forgetting that I can't fit through certain small openings or opening doors into my stomach because I forget how far it sticks out.
Not fearing falling down the steps
My knees not cracking when getting up off of the floor
Going for a run
Saved money from doing my own pedicures
Not laughing at my chubby feet at the end of the day
Not having the heartburn that I occasionally experience in the middle of the night
Beer, wine, bloody Mary's, and as many caffeinated drinks as I want
Not wondering,  "is this a contraction?" for three weeks straight


  1. You'll have a new fear of falling down the stairs, and you will definately know when you have a contraction!

  2. Still no baby yet, huh? We just got home. :) You said that the 24th had a ring to it...c'mon, September 24th!!!