Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Favorite Things: Jimmy John’s, 1990’s alternative rock, and Pandora

I love Jimmy John’s.  I think their subs are delicious and I enjoy reading the humorous signs posted throughout the store.  (Free smells!)  I really like that they are so quick.  More often than not, my sub is ready before I’ve even finished paying.  But, those aren’t the only reasons I love Jimmy John’s.  I love my particular neighborhood Jimmy John’s because of the XM/Sirius radio station they listen to; 1990’s alternative rock.  On every visit, I’m brought back to my days in high school and early college, hearing songs I haven’t heard in ages.  On my last visit I heard the Butthole Surfers.  Who wouldn’t like to hear a little music by a band with that name?  Hearing such tunes prompted me to search for a similar station on Pandora.  I listened to it for hours one Saturday and couldn’t believe how many songs I remembered…song names, artists, and lyrics.  I was even naming that tune in less than ten notes!  It made me realize that I have a lot of useless information clogging up my brain!  So, because of Jimmy John’s I have found a way to transport myself back to simpler times when I had very little to worry about.  It’s too bad Jimmy John’s is so freaky fast because there isn’t much time to listen to a full song during my visits.  Thank goodness for Pandora!  And Jimmy John's #12 Beach Club.

And here's a little video for you.  I have never actually seen the video for this song until now.  Who knew that Erik Estrada from CHiPs fame starred in it?

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