Monday, August 6, 2012

Project MCP - July

Welcome to the July installment of my Project MCP participation!  July’s themes revolved a lot around Independence Day.  Some were easier than others.  Once again, I struggled to complete the assignments in as timely of a fashion as I’d like.  The last photo wasn’t submitted until the August themes were released!  But, that’s not really what the project is about and I’m just glad that I completed it (still within the month of July!).
Project MCP / July / Independence
July Week  1 – Independence
That’s a hard word to showcase in a photo.  I had to think outside of the box a little (not really my forte) and figured that one of the first forms of independence we get is getting our driver’s license/our first car.  So, I took a picture of my car.  It just so happens that our flag was hanging off of the garage and added even more independence pizazz!

Project MCP / July / Red, White, and Blue
July Week 2 – Take a photo of something red, white, and blue

I could have taken a picture of the flag but I didn’t want to make it that easy.  One day, I was drinking a diet Pepsi and noticed its red, white, and blue logo.  When I went to grab one out of the fridge to photograph I noticed the Miller Light logo was red, white, and blue as well.  My two favorite drinks!
Project MCP / July / Bokeh
July Week 3 –Bokeh

Bokeh is the photography term used to describe the blur you sometimes see in the background of a photo.  Often times, points of light will appear as many little circles.  I love this look and usually always have my camera set for this effect, especially when I photograph flowers.  So, this challenge wasn’t much of a challenge…but still fun.  You will notice that the week two photo fits this category and the category for week for as well!

Project MCP / July / Favorite Summertime Activity

July Week 4 – Favorite Summer Activity

I wasn’t really sure what my favorite activity was so I was at a loss until I was forced to think about it.  I decided that gardening was one of my favorite activities and went out to my garden with my macro ring light to get some cool close-up shots of things (something I’ve been meaning to do all summer, but it’s been too hot or I was just too lazy to go back inside to get it).  I always look at the cucumber tendrils and think those would make a cool picture.  They did, but I liked this close up of a tomato ripening on the vine better.  I like the ‘sparkles’ on the stem.
Now, on to the August challenges.  Believe it or not, I already took a few photographs for this challenge and am ahead of schedule for once!

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  1. Your weekly activities are neat - keep it going.