Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wisconsin State Fair Photo Competetion

Once again, I decided to enter a few photos into the Wisconsin State Fair photo competition.  I was going to try and be very particular and only enter a few photos; ones that were my best.  I narrowed down my twenty picks to eleven and Mike convinced me to just enter all eleven.  Why not?  So, a few weeks ago I went to drop off my entries.  Still surprised at how many photos others enter (boxes full!) I didn't feel so bad bringing in my eleven submissions.  I'm happy to say that two of my photos won ribbons.  I took third place in the tropical flower category and first place in the farmer's market category.  It's interesting to note that both photos were taken while on vacation (as were most of my submissions) .  Also, the flower photo was taken with a rented 400mm lens...the big daddy that I rented and dream about regularly!


First Place - Farmer's Market


Third Place - Botanical, flowers close-up, tropical flowers

I'd also like to congratulate my mother-in-law who entered photos for the first time this year.  She won a first and fourth place ribbon in the black and white museum and public art and seasonal - spring categories respectively.  I guess I have some familial competion!

If you go to the fair, check out these and the many other winning photographs in the Horticulture Building.


  1. Congrats, Chris! I thought for sure, though, that the coiled rope shot would have won! I love it!

  2. Nice Job! I love both of your winning photos! The judging is so subjective - it was difficult to sit through. You are my inspiration, not my competition. Keep entering those "special" photos!