Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project MCP - August

Soon after August’s Project MCP themes were announced I had the first two themes completed!  However, I spent the next three weeks contemplating the third theme, Essence of America.  That’s a hard idea to capture in a photo!  I was never able to think of anything and did not submit a photo for that theme.  No biggie.  I’m not getting graded or anything!  You may notice that all of this month’s themes revolved around the Olympics somehow.  Here are the three photos I did submit:

Project MCP / August / Repetition

August Week 1 - Repeition 
The Olympic rings are five repetitive circles.  We happened to have our ladder ball game out so I took this photo of the balls hanging from the ladder.
Project MCP / August / Sports
August Week 2 - Sports 
Once again ladder ball was used!  It’s a sport, right?
Project MCP / August / Gold
August Week 4 - Gold 
I thought this would be super easy but I slacked off with my picture taking this month and had to quickly find something interesting and gold.  I love photographing these particular flowers in our deck flower box.  The yellow stamens are interesting and the petals of the flowers always look shiny and glittery.

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