Saturday, May 31, 2014

Projects 52 - May

Another month and another four weeks of pictures added to my project 52 groups.  I can't say I've felt challenged or did anything amazing with these photos.  Sometimes I wonder if the themes hold me back. Maybe I need to be challenged by mastering or learning a new skill with my camera instead of being tied down to a theme?  Maybe I should make use of all the various blogs I read on different photography topics and keep a running list of things I should try from what I learned?  I just wish someone would set it up for me!  Plus, it's no fun doing it alone.

I found out this month that the blog writer of the 'kid project 52' is taking a hiatus.  I was bummed.  That's the group I like the most at this moment since my subject tends to be Ben most of the time anyway.  Luckily she agreed to continue adding themes to the Flickr site and it looks like she's added themes for the whole month at one time....which is nice.  I can think ahead.  Sometimes I just don't have time to pick up my camera until Saturday and most submissions are due by Monday or Tuesday.  I guess I really don't have to submit by the deadline.  But, I like to do things by the book.  I never turned in homework assignments late!   I just wish there were more active participants.  As of today (Saturday) there isn't a single posting for the theme that came out on Tuesday...and only about five since I submitted last week.

So, here are my homework assignments!

18/52 LSL Up Close
Eyelashes.  I still love his eyelashes
19/52 LSL Every day activity outside of home
We were supposed to take our big girl cameras to places we normally wouldn't take them.
The thing is; I don't take Ben to places like the grocery store or Target or on errands.  I could have taken a picture of him in the car on the way home from day care, but who has time to think about doing that when you have to get home to get started on the craziness of the evening?  So, I took a picture of him on the swing on an outing to the park.
20/52 LSL Love
I would have liked to get a cute shot of Ben and daddy, but that didn't happen.
Ben has always like, er, loved, Sophie though!

21/52 Favorite Color
Since Ben doesn't have a favorite color I gave him this color book and snapped a picture of the first page he turned to.
Purple it is!

22/52 Get in the Frame
That's me!  I was having issues with my remote but managed anyway.
18/52 M4H Moody
A teething baby is moody
19/52 M4H Faces
I just submitted this one because I had nothing else!
20/52 M4H Light
I reached on this one.  Ben made me this at day care.  His feet as sun rays.
After taking this I thought that maybe this would be a good way to save all of his artwork....just take a picture!
I'm already feel like I need to save his art (that he didn't even really do!) and feel guilty about throwing it out!

21/52 In my backyard
This is actually in my front yard, but I liked the lighting and the interesting petals.

22/52 My Life
Ok, so I just used a photo from my other projects assignment to fit the theme for this project.
A bit of cheating, but at least I made the deadline.  It does show what life with an eight month old is like.

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  1. I had saved some of Jacob's artwork for the first 6 months he was in daycare by hanging them on the fridge. Then one day Jamie decided to clean and threw them all away in the trash. But he also threw used coffee grounds on top and ruined all of them!!! I was so mad and he didn't understand why. So now I either take a picture or scan in his artwork and then I make a calendar out of it for the Grandparents at Christmas. So now I don't feel guilty when I throw it away.