Friday, May 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

I was looking back at some pictures the other day and came across this one.  I shared this picture with friends and family while keeping them updated with the makeover of the nursery.  Little did they know the reason behind why I set this picture up.  It was going to be the name of our future son!

We picked out the name, Benjamin, the day we found out he was a boy.  It was the first time we discussed names...EVER.  Surprisingly, while just casually talking about names (actually, we were talking about ridiculous names), we decided on Benjamin.  Just like that!  It wasn't really a 'for sure' thing though.  If something else better came up we'd consider it.  Obviously, nothing better came up.  Through the rest of the pregnancy I had signs that Benjamin was THE name.  Here is a list of the bigger signs:

- The relative ease with which we came up with the name.  I had a short list of boy names and was convinced there would be a lot of discussion about names of either sex.

- When Mike found the paint idea for the nursery we realized the paint colors were by Benjamin Moore.

- My parents came home from Mackinac Island with some baby gifts in a bag with the store name Benjamin on it.

- Just a few days after 'deciding' on Benjamin, Mike's family was trying to guess/pick out names for us.  Benjamin was thrown out there my Mike's sister.

- Whenever I had a meeting in a conference room at work, I noticed the presentation software name, BenQ.

- After Ben was born I was further sure we picked the right name when my labor and delivery nurse (who I liked almost as much as I liked the anesthesiologist) told us her husband's name was Ben.

While we kept the name a secret until the day of his birth, I felt like the name was flying around everywhere and someone would guess it for sure!  I suppose Shelly did guess it; we just did a good job at hiding it!

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  1. We love the name! Especially glad to hear it was so easy for you two.